About Us

Taking part to the success of our country’s textile industry and being part of the “Made in Italy” brandis our point of pride, making full use of our know-how craftsmanshipis our main prerogative,
giving space to a quality and a creativity that characterizes our collections is our way of understanding and conceiving fashion.

We know from experience that there are no arriving points but only starting points and that all the achievements accomplished are simply stages of a journey along the path for excellence.
Despite having grown, over time, and having reached markets that are far beyond our regional boundaries, we strongly believe in the values of a family business, the same values that in 1983, led the enterprising spirit of Adele Badiali to transform her passion for knitting, which she began to cultivate as a child in school, into a trade.

Our land, heap of authentic and breathtaking beauties, is our muse.We believe that in Umbria, a region still rich of time and history, you can still breathe, cultivate and transfer into work those deep values that result in thewell-finished craftsmanship of a high quality product.

This is our history, this is our way of being, these are the values of our brand.